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there you go buddy :D! Really enjoyed your game ! hope you enjoy my video ^^!

Haha, that was quite a show! Thanks for having a look at the game!

Aahaha no prob buddy :P! It was a lot of fun! Keep it up!

Damn those stupid peasants, the slow paladin, the greedy thieves and the hungry wolves!

An itch: roads are slightly mirrored swastika-shaped.

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Hi iwanPlays, thanks for checking the game out and doing a LP. Looks like you also discovered a bug; when you kill the brigand he's trying to release the captured peasant, but he no longer exists because the wolf killed him. I'm not sure if I should publish new versions during a jam's voting period though, even if its just a patch. Also, an interesting observation about the roads. They probably should be adjusted anyway, as I've started thinking them running so close to screen edges is somewhat unfair.