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Update 1.2

  • Wraiths have been observed in the dungeons. They are fragile but fast, and attack with ranged energy blasts.
  • Attacking is now slightly slower, but you may enter block stance quickly from an attack.
  • Dungeon walls are now adorned with lamps that cast light, alcoves, pillars and vines.
  • Dungeon floors may now have some flowers growing between the tiles.

This game is still a work in progress.

Get into dungeon, collect treasure, kill enemies, find the stairs to next level, repeat.


Menu Controls

  • Navigate: arrow keys, mouse, gamepad left stick or dpad
  • Select: keyboard Z, LMB or gamepad A

Ingame Controls

  • Move: keyboard arrow keys or gamepad left stick
  • Melee attack: keyboard Z or gamepad A
  • Shield Block (cuts damage to a third): keyboard X or gamepad X
  • Use potion (+100 health): keyboard C or gamepad B
  • Pause menu: keyboard ESC or gamepad START


Game by: HardCodedValue

Music by: Matthew Pablo ( www.matthewpablo.com) licensed under CC BY 3.0


Update 1.1

  • Enemy attacks have a wind up phase, allowing reacting to them.
  • You may now block with a shield.
  • Torchlight is now a smooth gradient
  • Item use no longer possible during death gfx.
  • Menus are no longer active during transition fades.
  • Health now has a progress bar display.

Update 1.0.2

  • Gamepad support added.
  • Torch now burns a little faster.
  • Menus have sound effects.
  • Pause menu has Resume option for convenience.
  • Some draw optimization.

Update 1.0.1

  • View is now contained to dungeon edges.
  • Puddles and bones now adorn the cave floor.
  • Enemies now properly switch from seek state to attack state when seeking into melee range.


Down to Earth.exe 5 MB

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