Version 1.1 released

Version 1.1 of InSomnus has been released. It contains the following updates and fixes:

  • New dream world: Fever Vision.
  • Moving and teleporting between dream worlds now has a fade-to-black transition.
  • Active effect no longer resets when moving between dream worlds.
  • Entrance to Exile's Retreat has been moved to another location.
  • A certain item (running shoes) is now actually discoverable on map instead of languishing in dev space.
  • Fixed some ambient sound logic regarding pause states with inventory screen and pause menu.
  • Fixed several inconsistent sprite collision masks that were causing problems with collision code (collision check loops that caused instant teleportation).
  • A number of sprite and tile fixes.
  • Various water tiles are now animated.
  • Windowed mode enabled. Switching between windowed and fullscreen modes can be done at any time by pressing F1 or F2. If display resolution is large enough (above 1920*1080) the keys will also cycle between window sizes.

Fever Vision uses chromatic aberration as special effect: color components will independently crawl around in a slow circle.


InSomnus.exe 7 MB
Aug 02, 2017

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