A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made for the Dream Diary Jam. The game is currently in alpha state. Updates can be tracked in the devlog.


You are stuck in a dream and cannot wake up. Explore various dream worlds from the central hub and find a way to wake up. (This goal is unachievable in the alpha version.)


Menu Controls:

  • Navigate: arrow keys
  • Select menu option: Z
  • Close ingame menus / windows: Esc

Ingame Controls:

  • Move: arrow keys
  • Interact: Z
  • Use Effect: X
  • Inventory open/close: C
  • Pause menu: Esc


  • Code, Graphics, Sounds: HardCodedValue
  • Additional sounds: public domain sounds from freesound.org licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal
  • Made with GameMaker:Studio
  • Sound effects made with JFXR


InSomnus.exe (6 MB)

Development log

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