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Destroy cloud formations before they make their way down to you. Avoid the deadly raindrops, and look out for acid and thunder clouds.

Each cloud you destroy has a chance to drop a bonus sphere you can pick up. Their type is signified by their letter:

  • S: score +1000 points
  • B: unstoppable bullet (max.1 at a time)
  • U: umbrella makes you invulnerable for 5 seconds
  • W: repair damaged wall pieces (will not restore lost pieces)

The clouds speed up each time you destroy one and each time they move closer to ground. Moving to higher levels increases starting cloud speed and rate of raindrops falling. The game will end when you have lost all your lives or when a cloud reaches ground level.

This game was made for the Invaders Rip-offs jam.


Menu Controls:

  • Navigate: arrow keys or mouse
  • Select: spacebar or LMB


  • Move: arrow left / right
  • Shoot: spacebar
  • Pause Menu: escape


  • First and second row clouds: 100 points
  • Third and fourth row clouds: 200 points
  • Fifth row clouds: 300 points
  • Acid cloud: 600 points
  • Thunder cloud: 800 points
  • Score sphere: 1000 points

You will receive an extra life at every 50 000 points.



Rainvaders.exe 5 MB

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