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Version 1.2 has been released, see the devlog for details.

Made for Mini Jam 24, which had the theme of "space" and a limitation of "only mouse input" and just for fun I added an extra limitation of "four colors only."

Your goal is to build a square from the fragments provided. The quicker you solve the puzzle, more points will be awarded. The game runs for a total of twenty levels. At times, random bonus items will spawn in empty grid cells. Drop a piece on them before they disappear to gain extra points.


  • LMB: pick up and drop pieces. You can drop a piece you've picked up into the field or into the storage box.
  • RMB: rotate piece.
  • Mousewheel: scroll the piece list.


  • QUIT button: return to titlescreen.
  • CLUE button: Click to activate clue mode, click again to return to normal mode. While in clue mode, click on any piece to receive a clue on its correct position. You may request a clue once a minute.


  • Code, graphics, SFX: HardCodedValue
  • Music: Eric Matyas (www.soundimage.org)
  • Made with GameMaker Studio 2


Space Enough.zip 2 MB

Development log

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