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Energized! was originally created for GMC Jam 30 that ran for three days, using the theme of "charging up" out of three possible choices. This is an updated release that mostly improves graphics and adds a few other little things.

Your goal is to connect the power source on the left to the power receiver on the the right by rotating connectors to create an uninterrupted conduit between them.

Some connectors have lights on them, which will provide extra score of powered at the end of the level. Others have capacitors, which need to fill up with energy before they allow it to flow through.

When you successfully connect the source to receiver, you are awarded point based on time left, light connectors receiving power and the number of clicks used to solve the puzzle.


  • LMB: rotate a connector clockwise.
  • ESC: open/close pause menu.


  • Code, graphics, SFX: HardCodedValue
  • Music: Eric Matyas (www.soundimage.org)
  • Made with GameMaker Studio 2


Energized!.zip 3 MB

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