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This game was made for the GDQ One Mechanic Game Jam with the theme of "capitalism."

You and your fellow crypto market manipulators have decided to cash in. You have one year, from January to December, to make as much money on the cryptos as possible before the dump part of pump-and-dump will crash the market.

Assiting you in this endeavor is your trusty CryptoFarm DX-2000, capable of farming cryptos through advanced algorithms (that's what the user manual says anyway). The price of this power is manual oversight. The system abstracts the last stretch of the algorithm as a match-three problem for you to solve.


In accordance to jam theme, there is only one mechanic in the game. Match three or more cryptos vertically or horizontally by dragging them with the mouse. You may drag as far as you need, but only across rows or columns, and the cryptos are allowed to go into their new positions only if at least one match is generated.

For each match created you get score according to the crypto's current, displayed market value. By matching more than three you get an increasing bonus according to match length. If you don't like the current setup of the crypto board you may reboot your CryptoFarm DX-2000, but it takes six hours to come back online with a new set.

Crypto market values are re-evaluated each day as clock hits 00:00. Each hour lasts one second.

You may choose from two game modes: Quick Mode runs for one month while Campaign Mode runs for one year. Top ten scores are tracked separately for each mode.


  • Mouse - use menus and drag cryptos
  • ESC - open / close pause menu during game
  • F1 / F2 - cycle through fullscreen mode and windowed zoom levels


  • Code, graphics, sound effects by: HardCodedValue
  • Music by: Eric Matyas (www.soundimage.org) - used under license
  • Made with Game Maker: Studio 1.4
  • Sound effects made with JFXR


Crypto Speculator.exe 3 MB

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