Version 1.1.1 "a-maze-ing" released

A feature of spanning tree style generated mazes is how they have no loops - that is, they are perfect mazes . They have only one valid route between any given two points and can be solved by always turning left (or always turning right) at intersections. Gameplay-wise this means many dead ends and equal amounts of backtracking which may feel frustrating.

With that in mind the maze generation code has been adjusted. It first creates a perfect maze as usual, but then randomly removes a percentage of wall sections to make it somewhat braid (have loops). This should enhance the travel experience but makes difficulty more swingly, possibly opening very direct routes to goal but also making the maze more complex to chart.

Other changes in this update include:

  • Minor graphical tweaks.
  • Teleport should no longer spawn close to player start position.
  • Player should no longer spawn close to enemies.
  • You can now insert up to six letters to high score name.
  • In rare cases, the player might slide through terrain as a collision doesn't get flagged properly. The grid collision code has been tweaked to stop this... hopefully.


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Nov 16, 2017

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