Version 1.2 "techno-logical" released

Version 1.2 brings the following changes and additions:

  • Magma bats have migrated into the caverns. They prefer to stay near hot areas but they are curious about anything unknown that approaches them. Petting the superheated bats is not recommended.
  • Fixed a rarely occuring problem in maze generator, where previous maze is not cleared correctly and new gets merged with it. This could freeze the braid check if there are no walls to remove.
  • Caves no longer evenly fills entires rooms, there will be a number of blocked-off areas that cannot be reached.
  • Due to recent disturbaces caused by explorers, ancient trap mechanisms have reactivated throughout the caves. Watch your step.
  • The brick tile set has been replaced with a bit more interesting technologic-y tile set.
  • Several large magma chambers have been added and some smaller magma pools have been removed from the maze layouts.


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Dec 20, 2017

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