Version 1.1.2 "gra-fix" released

Since I was not sure I'd have enough time during the jam, I opted for a very simple tile rendering system: the entire cave is made into a background image resource during cave generation. While fast and easy to use after generation is finished, the problem with this of course is memory usage. The graphics side has now been redone into a proper tiler that only draws what terrain is visible on display. (Since all entities use a grid collision system, graphics side has no effect on them.) Now is also gone the (hidden) restriction of not being able to switch zoom levels during cave generation, as switching in and out of fullscreen tended to destroy the surface allocation that was used to construct the background image.

Other changes:

  • Thick-skinned and four-legged blue creatures have been spotted in the caves. First reports describe them territorial...
  • Added gamepad support


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Nov 18, 2017

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