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This game was made for the 2017 Procedural Generation Jam.

You are an explorer stuck in a caverns of an alien planet, and your oxygen supply is getting low. Navigate the caves, avoid alien life, collect oxygen caches and find the teleporter that takes you to next cave.

You die if you run out of oxygen, collide with alien life or fall down at high enough speed (about six tiles of uninterrupted fall) - use your jetpack to control your descent speed.



  • Navigate: arrow keys, gamepad D-pad
  • Select menu option: Z, gamepad A button


  • Move left/right: left/right arrow key, gamepad left stick
  • Jump: space, gamepad A button
  • Fire jetpack: hold Z, gamepad X button
  • Open/close pause menu: Escape, gamepad Start button


  • Use F1 and F2 to cycle through windowed zoom levels and fullscreen mode.


Score is awarded followingly:

  • Exploration: 10 points for each second of movement
  • Oxygen Tank: 300 points, and fills up to fifth of your oxygen supply
  • Gem: 500 points
  • Alien Artifact: 800 points
  • Cave Survival: 30 points for each six seconds of oxygen left when reaching the teleporter


The game first creates a maze of certain grid size using Growing Tree Algorithm. As there are up to four exits from each grid cell, there are fifteen different exit combinations (and one with no exits, which is not featured in game).

Borrowing a page from Spelunky, each cell then randomly chooses a predefined 16 by 16 tile layout with proper exit combination. There currently are four different choices to pick from. Every other cell is forced to choose a layout with two side exits to enforce connectivity across the cave.

Each predefined layout also has set spawnpoints for monsters, treasure and oxygen tanks, with varied percentage chances to spawn (oxygen has low spawn chance).



Oxygen.exe 4 MB

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